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Microblading is opening of the skin’s surface to deposit pigment to enhance the structure. It can be applied to the eyebrows, eyeliner or lip line, actually anywhere that pigment is desired.


Microblading can be applied with a handheld device or electric handpiece. Our practitioner uses a hand held blade to deposit pigment.

The area that is worked on is cleansed, numbing cream is applied (5% lidocaine), then pigment is picked up by dipping the needle head into pigment then stroking or stippling color into the skin.


After the desired result is achieved the area is cleaned and treated with an occlusive(protectant) to go home with.


After care instructions are given to the client.


  • The client returns for a second visit(5-8weeks) for reapplication in areas that are needed.
  • Typically clients like to freshen the look of their brows. You can be seen for a touch up between 6 months to 2 years depending on healing ability, condition of skin, strength of pigment desired or additional work wanted.
  • Client is asked to follow all instructions given before and after treatment.
  • Client is responsible for filling out all paper work factually.
  • Client will need to schedule a brow shaping appointment before microblading to shape brow and consult for microblading appointment.
  • The brow shaping/consult appointment can be performed within the same day.
  • Due to the intricate nature of microblading, there are NO REFUNDS.



Full Brow Set

Includes a touch up five weeks after first treatment


Partial Brow Set

Includes a touch up five weeks after first treatment



Adding color strokes or shading to limited area.

Pay by the hour









100 hr

Established Guests Only

*All Microblading services require consultation.